what should I include on my wedding details card?
How should you know exactly what needs to be included on your wedding details card? Of course there’s a thousand different details to your wedding so how do you differentiate what’s truly important to be included!?
Let’s walk through it in an easy, straight-to-the-point kinda way!
what should i include on my wedding details card
Your details card should most importantly include your Ceremony + Reception Addresses.
If your ceremony + reception are at the same venue, then that’s super easy! A lot of the time people will assume their venue address should go on the main invitation card, however, that is not always the best way! Having an address on the main invitation card adds extra clutter that isn’t necessary if it can be avoided. Removing the address from the invitation card makes it look much cleaner and classier!
Another common detail that is included on the wedding details card is the URL of your wedding website. Nowadays, a lot of couples are using online platforms to store their wedding information to make it easily accessible for their guests. This is brilliant! The best way to inform your guests of your wedding website is by including the URL on the details card. A lot of couples will also include this URL on their Save the Dates so the guests can continuously check back in for more information as the website is updated. See above for wording that I use most often for URLs on details cards!
covid wording for wedding invitations
Another pretty common detail to include on your wedding details card is Lodging/Accommodations that are available to your guests! If you have lodging set up for your guests, you should include details on how they can reserve rooms at your discounted rate. As shown above, you should mention if there is any certain name(s) they need to mention at booking to reserve the rooms. You should also make sure to provide the addresses and names of the lodging options. It is also typically common to include a date that your guests need to book their rooms by in order to receive the group discount. Whatever you think will be helpful to your guests when making reservations should be included on this section of your details card.

In today’s world, a lot of couples are finding it necessary to include a Covid-19 statement on their wedding invitations. The details card is the perfect place for this! As shown in the example above, a lot of couples are including “instructions” on mask usage at their weddings. Some venues may require mask usage or other pandemic-specific regulations in which case you can state on your details card. You could also direct guests to check out your wedding website for Covid-19 protocols. Either way, you can’t go wrong with recognizing the current state of the world and giving your guests appropriate instruction on how you are moving forward regarding it!

Another item that you may want to include on your details card is dress attire. Of course, if you do not have a desired attire, you can leave this out. However, if you are requiring all guests to wear business casual, or cocktail attire, or casual attire, this should be stated on your details card. There are several different ways to go about this, such as keeping it short + sweet as shown above or deciding to say something like “We kindly request that all of our guests wear cocktail attire.”

Including No Kids: This can be a touchy subject to address especially to families who do have small children. If you decide to not include children on your wedding day, you should address this in a kind manner to make sure no ones feelings are getting hurt. The details card is the perfect place to mention this. As shown above, a perfect way to say this would be “To give all of our guests the opportunity to celebrate without having to worry too much about little eyes and ears, we politely request no children under 8 years old.”


Other items that may need to be included on your details card:

TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION: If you are offering a shuttle or some sort of transportation to get your guests to and from the hotel, you should include this information on your details card.

AFTER PARTY INFORMATION: if you would like to invite your guests to celebrate after your wedding reception ends, you should include the time + where this after party will be occurring.

REGISTRY INFO (although it is recommended to include this on your wedding website and direct guests there.)

DIRECTIONS: if the venue is a little tricky to find or you need to direct guests to a particular parking area, you should include this on your details card.

WEEKEND ITINERARY: if you are having a weekend-long event, you should include the itinerary. This may end up needing to be a separate card as well depending on how much information you need to get across to your guests.


There is obviously no written rulebook for what can and cannot be included on your details cards. If you have a special/different aspect you want your guests to be aware of before the wedding, then of course you can include it on your details card! Think of it as a spot to brain-dump your wedding details and have your invitation designer clean up the wording and make it professional and efficient.