Born: Kane, Pennsylvania

Raised: Kane / York, Pennsylvania

High School: Dallastown, Pennsylvania

College: Niagara University

(Niagara Falls, New York)

College Degree: Bachelors Degree in Hospitality & Tourism

Management with a focus in Event Management

Graduation Year: 2018

Sport: Swimming

Currently reside: Easton, Pennsylvania

Pet: Nia (pronounced Ny-Uh)

rescue mutt from Tennessee


Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Bills (you try going to college near Buffalo for 4 years and NOT get converted to a Bills fan), Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State Football

Items in the Kitchen: Ranch, Old Bay, Milk &

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Season: Summer and Spring

Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach

Weekend activity: Backpacking/hiking

Book: I Am My Brand by Kubi Springer

City Visited: Montreal, Quebec or Lisbon, Portugal

Physical Activity: Lifting and biking

Genre of music: Country, alternative, rap

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Sooo how did I get into this biz?

It started in 2018 after graduating college. I moved back home and accepted a job at a local wedding venue in Pennsylvania. While I worked at this venue, I started to notice all of the really pretty wedding signage that was used in the for welcome signs, seating charts, etc. I knew I had decent handwriting so I began to play around with wooden signs. I started advertising my wedding signs while I worked at the wedding venue but it didn't really take me anywhere. After experimenting with wedding signage, I realized I actually hated making them, so I decided to teach myself how to design wedding invitations. I thought having an iPad would be enough but quickly realized that wasn't the case LOL. One big purchase after another, I finally had what I needed to really dive into wedding invitation design. Safe to say, I've never looked back. Here I am now, with an entire wedding Invitation Shop and many, many custom wedding invitation clients under my belt. In 2019, I moved to Easton, Pennsylvania and worked in the events world for a non-profit. I loved that job, but my invitation business began to grow (woo!) and I just couldn't do both anymore. Obviously, I chose my business and took it full-time in June 2020! I haven't looked back and I don't think I ever will!


If you need to contact me about something other than invitations or calligraphy services, or just wanna say heyyyyy, fill out the form below & I'll email ya soon! Xoxo

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Want to see some of my work?

My most up-to-date projects and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks are all on my Instagram. Come follow along @juliakaydesign to see all the fun!