What is a wedding ceremony program and do I need one?

What is a wedding ceremony program and do I need one?
wedding ceremony programs

What is a wedding ceremony program?

More or less, it's exactly what you would think! A program is a cute little piece that your guests can grab on their way to their seats at your ceremony.  

Programs help your guests understand the order of events, what to expect, who's in the bridal party, any important notes, etc. 

They are super helpful & can also serve as a fan if it's an extremely hot day haha!


What should I include on a ceremony program?

1. Timeline

A simple schedule of events can be super helpful especially if you don't have a sign with this information on it anywhere else! 

You don't need to get extremely detailed, but you shouldn't assume that every guest in attendance knows that it goes ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, etc.   A timeline is also helpful during religious ceremonies where not all guests are familiar with the order of events.

2. Your Bridal Party

List out who your bridal party is! It's even more helpful to list it out in the same order as how they are walking down the aisle / standing up at the altar. 

Most commonly included: parents of both partner, best main/maid of honor, bridesmaids/groomsmen, flower girl/ring bearer, and officiant.

3. A Thank You Note

This is actually my favorite part of ceremony programs. The bottom of the back of a program is the perfect place to leave a sweet little note to your guests simply thanking them for their presence at your wedding. Letting your guests know that they are appreciated is always welcomed.

4. Any other useful information your guests should know

Every wedding is different so use your programs as a space to relay any important information to your guests! This could be information such as dinner instructions, where the bathrooms are, where the sparkler send-off will be, literally anything.