Shades of Purple Wedding Inspiration

Shades of Purple Wedding Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for your wedding full of shades of purple?! I've gathered some of my favorite pieces that would create a show-stopping purple wedding. My biggest takeaway from researching purple wedding things is that too much purple can come across "gaudy" or cheap.. so let's avoid that by sprinkling in some other light shades of grey/yellow/pink.. You'll see what I mean below!


Floral Inspiration: 

Florals are a great place to incorporate some other colors so your wedding isn't screaming purple! The top option is really beautiful if you want to incorporate some yellows and oranges.. however, if you want to keep it as purple as possible, I really love the other two options that use some dark & light purples as well as some muted blush tones! 

Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration: 

Of course I'm including some mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses because I just simply think they are the best lol! The middle option is perfect to off-set any bold purple colors used throughout the wedding since they are muted and subtle. 


Invitation Inspiration:

The Lovely Lavender suite from my Invitation Shop is the perfect suite for a purple wedding. This suite has a beautiful lavender background and is paired with a custom white wax seal that holds the invitation card in place. The dainty script font is really elegant and beautiful which gives this suite a sophisticated feel. The watercolor florals also just pull this entire set together so well! 


Table Setting Inspiration: 

I think it would be really beautiful to use a white or cream linen as shown in the middle photo and incorporate some purple water goblets and napkins. Then you can add a huge & beautiful floral piece as shown in the first piece to really draw your guests eyes to the purple! Since purple is such a deep and dramatic color, I think it's important to ease off on the table a little bit by using minimal center pieces and light colored linens :) 


Details Inspiration:

Incorporating purples into the cake is just another fun way to show off these beautiful colors! I love the idea of a mostly white cake with some purples thrown in either in the icing or by adding small florals. You can also always get creative with some signature drinks that are purple themed as well like a lavender lemonade. Yum!