Ordering Wedding Invitations 101

Ordering Wedding Invitations 101
In this short & sweet blog post I'm explaining 
  • when to order wedding invitations
  • when to send wedding invitations
  • how many wedding invitations to order
  • & what cards to include in your wedding invitation set 

You should order your wedding invitations approximately 3.5 to 4 months prior to your wedding date. You should send your wedding invitations out to your guests approximately 2 months (8 weeks) prior to your wedding. Recently I have also been suggesting that clients send them out 10-12 weeks in advance because of USPS delays. 

You should require your guests to respond to your wedding invitation approximately 1 month prior to your wedding. Make sure to check with your venue / catering company because they may require your final head count earlier than this! 

Check out the table below for a breakdown of wedding months & when to order and send :)

How many wedding invitations should you order?

You should order 1 wedding invitation set per household. Not per guest!

Example: A family of 4 that lives under the same roof will receive only ONE invitation, not 1 per each person. 


What wedding invitation cards do you need to order?

NECESSARY: wedding invitation card & wedding details card

I always recommend every couple orders at least 1 extra card for additional information. Whether that card literally only has a website URL on it or it has an entire page of information.

The details card should also include RSVP information if you are not ordering a separate mail-in RSVP card.


The RSVP card is for couples who are requiring a mail-in RSVP or would just prefer to have their RSVP information on a separate card.

Still confused, stressed, or worried you're missing something?

Shoot me an email at julia@juliakaydesign.com and I am happy to help you out with anything wedding invitation related! 

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