Escort Cards, Place Cards & Seating Charts 101

Escort Cards, Place Cards & Seating Charts 101
escort cards, place cards, seating charts for weddings

Escort Cards:

A physical object guests will take to "escort" them to their seat. 

Escort cards will include your guests' name, their table number and a meal selection if necessary. 

Escort cards are typically displayed all in one spot for guests to grab at cocktail hour / as they walk into the reception area. 


Place Cards:

To already be placed at your guests' seat when they come to their table. 

Typically pairs with a seating chart of

some sort so guests know what table they are seated at.

Only includes the guests' name and their meal selection if necessary.


Seating Charts:

Typically a larger display / sign with all of your guests' names listed out and their table number. 

I recommend listing names out alphabetically rather than by table number so guests can easily find their name! 

Can be paired with place cards if you are doing assigned seating at each table.


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