Different Bohemian Themed Wedding Invitations

Different Bohemian Themed Wedding Invitations
It's no secret that the bohemian style is HUGE right now both in weddings and home decor. Boho weddings are becoming a massive trend and I AM HERE FOR IT. I have several different bohemian wedding invitation styles because there are truly so many different routes you can take with boho. From simple and modern bohemian, to vibrant + bold, you can't go wrong! Check out some of the different bohemian wedding invitation styles below: 
1. Terracotta ANYTHING
Terracotta is literally the most popular bohemian color right now. You throw terracotta on ANYTHING and it's going to look amazing. This bohemian invitation suite includes a terracotta invitation card, beige rsvp card, and burnt orange details card. The simple yet bold fonts pull this piece together and leave no room for illustrations or artwork because the colors + font speak for themselves.
2. Timeless Modern Boho
Another side of bohemian styled weddings is incorporating simple black and white. This invitation suite speaks for itself with the classic and timeless style. This bohemian look is perfect for couples looking for a black and white wedding. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely one of those times.
3. Bold and Vibrant Bohemian
First of all, wow. Second of all, you need this suite in your life if you are going for a bold and vibrant bohemian style. This suite incorporates the classic bohemian botanicals- pampas grass, palm leaves, and bold red florals. Pampas grass and palm leaves are almost a MUST HAVE at bohemian weddings because they are so whimsical and outdoorsy. This invitation suite is for sure going to grab your guests attention and get them so excited for your big day. 
4. Classic Bohemian
Classic bohemian wedding invitations to me are going to include beige, tan, and browns. And of course, pampas grass and palm leaves. This suite is definitely not simple but it is definitely beautifully bohemian. The simple monoline font with a touch of a script font add a little spice to the beautiful bohemian botanicals that border the invitation card. 
All in all, if you Google "bohemian wedding invitations" you are sure to see a few things: pampas grass, burnt orange, terracotta, beige and browns, and palm leaves. That's why I designed several different bohemian invitation suites because there are so many different vibes and styles of the bohemian theme. If you are searching for bohemian wedding invitations, be sure to check out my Invitation Shop!