Why DIY-ing Wedding Invitations Isn't For Everyone

Why DIY-ing Wedding Invitations Isn't For Everyone

There are file set up standards for print companies

Most printing companies have *very specific* file set up requirements to guarantee a satisfactory print outcome. Do they require crop marks? Bleed marks? Outlined fonts? Vector images? If you aren't sure what any of this means, you may want to plan to pay double for the reprints... It doesn't help that several print companies won't even let you know that your file set up is incorrect.

There is an entire world of paper finishes and paper weights out there

The weight and finish of your paper matters TREMENDOUSLY. How beautiful is a beautiful design that is printed on cheap and sad looking paper?

Price Matters

In the world of paper, printing and design, you get what you pay for. And the sad truth is, the higher priced print companies are going to be the ones with the best quality. But they will also be the ones with the most specific requirements that sometimes I can't even figure out!

Color Matching

Bottom line: The colors you see on your screen are not going to be the colors that are printed on paper. And we all know how important colors are to your wedding! CYMK. RGB, Pantone... if these mean nothing to you, you may want to reconsider the DIY route. Wedding invitation designers like myself spend YEARS educating ourselves on color matching for printing. It's a beast.


There are things you have to do for your wedding, don't let this be one of them. 

Things you absolutely have to do for your wedding:

reach out to vendors, respond to emails/proposals, schedule meetings with vendors, tour venues, research vendors, choose your meals, taste your meals, gather your guests' addresses, plan your table assignments, figure out the timeline, gather RSVPs from guests.

 Should I keep going?  

Bottom line: there are aspects of your wedding that need your undivided attention and that only you and your partner can do. There is enough on your plate. Trust someone who has spent 4 years perfecting this industry when I say, it can't be learned or done overnight.