Wedding Invitation QR Codes: Need to Know

What is a QR Code?

It is a machine-scannable image that can instantly be read using a Smartphone camera.

How can I create a QR Code?

Couldn't be easier! My favorite site is
You can make your QR code in less than 3 minutes!

QR Codes Are Convenient: 

Your guests are way more likely to immediately RSVP because of how easy they'll be able to access your website!

QR Codes Save Time:

Your guest can scan & instantly RSVP!

QR Codes Save Paper:

Online RSVP = no physical RSVP card or envelope

QR Codes Save Money:

You can say goodbye to physical RSVP cards which saves you money by eliminating the printing, paper, postage AND envelope!!!!

When Should You Use a QR Code:

  • You have a very long link to your website

 As a designer, it kills me to have to put a website that is any longer than 20 characters on a details card! 

  • You are housing most of your details information on your website.
  • You are requiring guests to RSVP online
  • You are utilizing an online hotel block booking system (these links are usually abnormally long)