Using Wax Seals with Wedding Invitations

Using Wax Seals with Wedding Invitations

What you need to know about using wax seals in your invitation set!

Wax seals are definitely a popular trend for leveling up your wedding invitations.

They are typically used in 1 of 2 ways: 

On the outside of the envelope as a seal or on the inside as a part of your invitation.

If they are a part of your invitations, you may have them adhering a vellum wrap/belly band, on the invitation card, or closing off a ribbon that wraps around your invitation suite.

The most important thing to know about wax seals is that they will increase the weight of your suite therefore will increase the amount of postage you’ll need.

A regular, basic invitation suite will normally weight about 1 oz. which will require $0.60 of postage or 1 forever stamp. Anything above 1 oz. will require $0.84 of postage, 2 forever stamps, OR a 2 oz. stamp. HOWEVER, because of the rigidness of a wax seal, typically they will require $0.99 of postage, especially if they are being used on the outside of the envelope.

If they are being used on the inside, you may be abel to get away with using $0.84 of postage. However, the best way to determine how much postage you’ll need is to take a set of your invitations to the post office and ask them to weigh it for you and take a look.

Unfortunately each post office is different and they all seem to give different answers.