Staying Connected with Julia Kay Calligraphy

Staying Connected with Julia Kay Calligraphy
Alright guys I really want to get back to my blogging days! I hope to use this blog more of a diary or journal to just get thoughts out and update my website visitors on what's going on in my business!
Things have been crazy to say the least! Now that weddings are *almost* back in "full-swing" I have been busier than ever with invitations! Things really got crazy in June and haven't (thankfully) slowed down at all! I am literally having so much fun and loving it all. The Invitation Shop is doing really well for me and I'm so happy to be able to offer couples a luxury design experience but at an affordable price point. 
It's been really fun to see what invitation suites people choose for their special day and even more fun to see what colors they choose to incorporate! I'll attach some invitation suites that have been ordered for the first time this week. I'm so excited to showcase more of my work in printed form now that they have been ordered! 
dusty rose watercolor wedding invitations
I'm so excited for this one. This client ordered this suite but with a color change and is requesting dusty blue, steel blue, and gold to be incorporated. The colors are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to share the final product!
sunflower burgundy autumn wedding invitations
This sunflower wedding invitation set is also currently being created! I'm so excited for the bold colors incorporated into this suite and especially the beautiful sunflower illustrations. 
bohemian wedding invitations with floral illustrations
The last new suite that has been ordered recently is this beautiful one! This one was designed as part of my My People Collection (sharing more below) and it is just totally gorgeous. The pencil sketched floral illustrations and handwritten calligraphy lettering really speak volumes for this set. 
Clearly I have my work cut out for me considering these are 3 of the current 28 clients I have! I have always dreamed about being where I am right now in my business but now that I'm here, I'm just dreaming about where I want to be next. I need to remind myself to just breathe and enjoy all of this while it's here. Like any business owner, I want more and more business, but I already know, sometime down the line, I'll be thinking back to these days and realize I didn't appreciate them like I should...
Besides working with clients, I have also been designing a new collection called the My People. This collection is dedicated to all the people in my life that motivate me, inspire me, believe in me. They are simply my people. These wedding invitation suites all feature my handwritten calligraphy which give them an extra touch of special.
I'll share what has been released so far for you all to see. 
brightly color wedding invitations with handwritten calligraphy lettering and neon colors
Okay I mean how freaking cool is this suite! I know it's a bit crazy but it's for my 4 year old little sister who is sassy and bold and lovessss the color purple! This invitation suite features greens and purples and even ombre colored calligraphy on the invitation card! The little stars and retro styled font are truly one-of-a-kind and really make this set stand out.
Already shown above, but this set was designed for my BFF Hayley. I don't really have words for this set expect that it is really beautiful. The script lettering is all handwritten by me. There are beautifully dainty floral pencil illustrations featured throughout as well. The natural colored envelopes pull this one together.
spring colored wedding invitations with flowers
This beautiful set here is for my mother, Judy. She deeply cares about the flowers she plants every year which is why I decided to incorporate small wildflower illustrations. The colors are very much spring-like and just bring happiness to me! The script font is handwritten calligraphy by me. The pinks and greens really just scream spring which makes this set perfect for those getting married outside or in the spring/summer time!
watercolor autumn wedding fall leaves invitation suite
This suite was created for my boyfriend, Nicolas AKA Nick. My favorite person! Who happens to love fall foliage and the time of the year when the temperatures finally start to cool. I absolutely love the vibrant colors that are incorporated into this set as well as the bold typography paired so well with the dainty script font.
natural, earthy wedding invitations with green and blue color palette
Okay guys I am obsessed with this suite. Perfect for my sister, Teresa, who loves our earth and does what she can to protect it. She wants to be a park ranger someday, how cool! This set features the prettiest blues and greens as well as watercolor illustrations of succulents and greenery. The earth is represented by several circles and half circles that are featured behind the artwork. This suite kind of just speaks for itself honestly! This one also includes my handwritten calligraphy.
masculine wedding invitations with olive branch
Last but certainly not least is the Terry. Designed for my father who is a down-right simple man! This suite was designed to appeal to those who are also simple and straightforward. The invitation card features a small illustration of an olive branch which is very elegant and classic looking. The warm green color featured throughout is very masculine and warm. Love this clean set!
Whew that was a lot but even still just a small update on my business life here! Oh, one more small thing, I'm currently going through a re-brand! I'm working with Karima Creative and I AM SO PUMPED. I know I'll write again when I have that all finished. I'm so excited. Anyways, talk soon!