Hannah + Ryan Boho Greenery Wedding Invitations

Hannah + Ryan Boho Greenery Wedding Invitations
How do you make sure your guests' know to bring a masquerade mask to your Halloween themed wedding?! You decide to add an entirely separate card to your invitation suite to make sure it's not missed!
Hannah and Ryan chose the popular Boho Greenery suite but made some changes to make it unique and special to them as a couple.
Check out the original Boho Greenery suite:
And now their version of the Boho Greenery suite:
The biggest changes to their suite were the additional masquerade card and the increase in size of the details card! They had a lot of information they wanted to include for their guests so we increased the size- no problem, no additional cost!
Hannah and Ryan are having their wedding on Halloween (how fun!) so they are asking their guests to bring masquerade masks! We included a fun little separate card to make sure all guests knew they were invited to participate in the fun masquerade party that they have planned. 
Other smaller changes that were added to this suite were: 
- Changing the names on the main invitation card to include both first and last names
- Adding a spot for dietary restrictions on the RSVP card
- Adding accommodations and transportation information to the details card
- Changing the size 
The Boho Greenery suite includes beautiful watercolor greenery on the main invitation card with simple text. The RSVP card has a beautiful light green background that matches the artwork on the main invitation card. The wedding details card is a darker green color, but still provides enough contrast between the background and the black text. This suite comes with either Kraft paper envelopes or white envelopes. 
You can shop the Boho Greenery suite now at: